Kendall Research Systems, LLC (KRS) is an R&D think tank experienced in developing technologies in the areas of bioinstrumentation, ultra-low power computation and communications links, applied to a variety of challenges.

Originating as an optical neural interface technology spin-out in 2011 from MIT's Synthetic Neurobiology Lab directed by prof. Ed Boyden, KRS was the first company to develop and commercialize a wireless optogenetics platform for basic science and drug discovery applications. Known as FireFly, early adopter access began in 2012, with the commercial launch in 2015 through the support of the National Institute of Health.  In 2017, KRS' implantable neurological device development efforts were acquired by Kernel, a human intelligence company.

KRS continues to apply its expertise in the areas of applied physics, electrical engineering and signal processing to meet new challenges in the broader healthcare and technology sectors.





Christian Wentz, M.Eng. 


MIT EECS (SB, M.Eng.), Hertz Fellow



Karl Ruping, J.D.


Managing Partner, IncTANK Ventures